Support Troubleshooting Guide

I am unfamiliar with the Android operating system. Is there a guide that will help me set the tablet up (date and time, email, Facebook, etc.)?

Absolutely. We have put together the "Ultimate Guide" click here to download. It will walk you through just about everything there is to know about setting up and using your tablet.

My tablet is frozen on the Kocaso or Android logo at startup.

1) Make sure your tablet is powered off.

2) Hold the VOLUME button plus & minus sides at the same time. While holding, press and hold the POWER button for 5-10 seconds, then release all buttons. At this time please allow some time for the tablet to respond.

3) The screen may read to you "No Command", if it does Press the VOLUME up button once. From here it will open a menu with different options where you may scroll through it using your VOLUME button to go up and down.

4) Select "Wipe Data/Factory Data Reset" and press the POWER button once to select it.

5) Another menu screen will appear. Using the VOLUME buttons again, scroll down to "Yes - - - Delete All User Data" and then press the POWER button once to select it.

6) After a few seconds, another menu screen will appear, highlight "Reboot System Now". Press the POWER button once to select it. Your tablet should reboot at this time.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us
I just received my tablet and the screen is scratched or bubbled.

This is usually caused by the protective film applied from the manufacturer. Please remove this film to reveal a brand new screen. You may need to pick at the corner as it is not easily noticeable.
My tablet will not power on or hold a charge.

Please make sure the tablet is charged for at least 4-6 hours. Also, make sure the correct button is being used, oftentimes we hear the back or home button has been used in error. If the issue persists, you can try performing a power reset. There should a power reset button near the charging port. It looks like a tiny hole. While plugged into the charger, use a paperclip to push the button inside this hole for 3-5 seconds. If it turns on, please allow it to charge for 4-6 hours before using it. If you leave it on the charger for longer than the allocated time, you will go back to having the same problem as before. If the power does not come on, please leave it plugged up for 4-6 hours then disconnect it from the power and turn it on.

If your tablet does not have the reset button: With the tablet plugged into the charger, hold the power button for 10 seconds then click the volume up once. If it turns on, please allow it to charge for 4-6 hours before using it. If you leave it on the charger for longer than the allocated time, you will go back to having the same problem as before. If the power does not come on, please leave it plugged up for 4-6 hours then disconnect it from the power and turn it on.
There is a lock on my screen and I don't know how to unlock it.

Touch and hold the lock icon. When it turns into a circle drag it towards the unlock icon and release.
I forgot my password, pin, or pattern lock

If you set a pass code (or pattern) that you cannot remember, please enter the wrong password (10-20 times) until you are prompted to sign in via your google account. Please note, this will only work if you have already setup your google account on the tablet. If you have not set up a Google (or Gmail) account on the tablet, you will have to perform a firmware install, which will revert the tablet back to factory settings. Please refer to
My tablet comes on for a few seconds and then shuts right back off.

This is the sleep mode intended to conserve battery. To change the setting, start from your tablet's home screen and follow these steps:

Settings > Display > Sleep > choose time
How do I connect to Wi-Fi?

Go to "Settings", click "Wi-Fi", be sure the switch is in the "ON" position, Find your network on the right and select, enter your password and click "Connect". Once the tablet says that you are connected, you can go back to the home screen and try the Browser to confirm you have connected successfully.
My tablet says it is connected to Wi-Fi, but I cannot access the internet.

Tap on the network name and see what it says it is "secured with". If it says WEP, please change your network settings to WPA/WPA2/PSK (or contact your internet service provider for assistance). Our tablets are only compatible with the newer WPA security settings.
When I try to connect to Wi-Fi there is an "Authentication error".

An authentication error is an incorrect password being entered. Make sure you are typing it in correctly. Remember, passwords are case sensitive. Please check with your internet provider if you are unsure of your Wi-Fi password.
Still cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

Reboot your router and modem by unplugging from the power and plugging it back in. If the tablet does not connect, you may try resetting the tablet, which often times corrects this issue. Please see below for how to perform a factory data reset.
How do I perform a factory data reset?

To reset the tablet, go to "Settings", then "Backup and Reset" -> "Factory Data Reset" -> "Reset Tablet" -> "Erase Everything", and the tablet will shut off and power back on automatically one the reset is complete. Please make sure tablet is fully charged or connected to the power supply before starting.
My tablet freezes OR runs slow.

It may be that an App that you have downloaded is causing this issue. Please uninstall if not necessary. You can also reset the tablet back to original factory settings, which will erase all of your personal data, photos, downloaded Apps, etc., but will also speed it up and stop it from freezing. Please see above for how to perform a factory data reset.

Please also download the ES Task Manager from the Google Play Store. It's free, and with the tap of a button, will close all Apps running in the background, and also clear the cache. You can run this App anytime without losing any data.
The screen on my tablet cracked.

The manufacturer does not cover accidental damage, but we instituted a program where you can turn your tablet with a cracked screen in (as long as you are still within your warranty period. The nice thing about this is that not only are we the least expensive route when you crack your screen, but you do not have to wait for repairs. We simply send a replacement once we receive your damaged one.

Contact us at to setup your request.
Why is my tablet talking to me and not letting me choose anything with a tap?

This is Android's talkback feature. Tapping an App once will read the name to you. Tapping it twice will select it. Please follow these steps to turn the talkback feature off:

-Double tap the 'Apps' button.
-Double tap on the 'Settings' option.
-Scroll down (using two fingers) to 'Accessibility'. Double tap this option.
-Deactivate the Talkback feature by sliding the 'switch from on to off' (using two fingers) or undo the check in the box (using double tap).
Why does the tablet show less memory than advertised?

Your tablet storage is split up into two separate partitions. In tablet settings they are known as: internal storage, and NAND flash. If you add these together, this will equal the total storage on the tablet.
How do I transfer files to my external SD card?

In order for your tablet to distinguish between its internal memory and the external memory (SD card), Please download Astro File Manager from the Google Play Store to facilitate the transfers.
Why can't I move Apps to my external SD card?

You cannot put Apps on the external SD, but you can move them within the tablet to the other partition (considered SD card as well). You won't be able to move the preinstalled Apps, but can move the ones you download.

To move an App to this partition, go to Settings > Apps > Downloaded > tap the App to move > Move to SD Card
I need Adobe Flash Player on my tablet to view certain sites.

First, check to see if the website you are on has an App available for download in the Google Play Store. Adobe has stopped all development of Flash on Android as of 2012. However, there are some browser Apps that will allow you to use flash. Photon Flash and FlashFox are a few popular ones.
My tablet is in another language.

To change your language go to:

Settings > Languages & input > Language > Select the one you want.

If the tablet is in another language and you cannot read any of the labels, please follow the instructions below:

Get into settings. The icon looks like three bars with small ovals intersecting them. From here, you should see a list of icons on the left side of the screen, followed by text (which may be incomprehensible). Look for the Languages & input icon which looks like an A in a white box. From the following menu, choose the very top option. It doesn't matter if you can understand the text or not – it says "language." The following menu should show a list of languages, each as it's described in that country. For instance, English is written as "English," but German is "Deutsch." In other words, it should be very easy to find the language you understand – just look for it from the list of options and it should be immediately legible. Once you tap your language option, the system language should change and you should be able to understand the rest of the system menus.

How can I extend the battery life of the tablet?

The battery life depends entirely on what functions you are using (Wi-Fi uses quite a bit of power). Also, screen brightness, volume, etc. Generally 1-2 hours is about average when connected to Wi-Fi, as Wi-Fi uses quite a bit of power.

There are some things you can do to extend the life to its potential:

a) Turn off Wi-Fi when not in use.
b) Turn off Bluetooth when not in use.
c) Put your tablet into "sleep mode" when not in use.
d) Choose a wallpaper that is not "live" and is dark, such as a plain black background.
e) Turn down the screen brightness to at least 50% by accessing:
Settings > Display > Brightness

Can I upgrade to a newer Android operating system?

Kocaso tablets can only run the version of Android that is currently installed.

If you have any questions that are not included on this page, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.